Indian Music

Indian music,which can be said to be the oldest form of music, is attracting a great number of people all over the world.The Indian music, along with its musical quality, is now in limelight more because of  latest research being conducted which prove it to be much healing and much beneficial.

Vedas are said to be the most ancient scriptures in human history.It is said that these Vedas were sung in Raaga which can be considered as the origin of scientifically produced music.Indian music has been changing its form gradually.At first it was a very different type of art;as the various emperors came and dominated over this country, the music also changed according to the people who ruled this country.The most important thing is that, though the form of music has been changed,the core purpose of the music remains the same.India has produced many talented musicians, but the wonder is that those who used this music for self exploration, were much more acknowledged and were given much more respect even if they did not get the fame.

A very explaining example is that of one of the most musician ever produced by India,known as Tansen.It is believed that Tansen used to ignite that lamps with the power of his music.But, Tansen was a disciple of a very great singer,hardly known to the masses,Swami Haridas.Swami Haridas never used to sing for public or for the king.Many incidences clearly show that he was much more respected that Tansen who was the court musician for emperor Akbar.

Indian music has survived because of  this approach of the musicians.Even today also,most of the musicians openly say that they perform for themselves or for the sake of divine.In other countries music has been considered as some sort of knowledge;but in India,music is always considered as a meditation.In spite of  many dominating rulers,Indian music has not lost its roots and the credit goes to this one concept-Music is meditation.





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    So True; Except for the Indian Film music (majority of it is crap) 😛

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