Life-A Song of Dew Drops

Most of the saints,while prescribing the ideal way of living, most of the times have given much more importance to flowing with the time.Most of the times, it is said that life should be just like a wooden trunk flowing in a river.The trunk of the tree,detatched from the soil,just goes on flowing with the water,without attaching itself to the places it visits.To be with the flow, without any attachment with the past and without any aim,projected on the future is the greatest virtue.

Life, is just a song of dew drops…….

In other words, it can be said that life is a song of dew-drops;which get collected on the leaves.They go as they come;and it is the virtue of the leaf that it does not create any attachments with the drops.Drops come and go, leaf remains the same.It does not make any effort on its part so that the drops remain there…neither it tries it to put them just accepts them.Then arises the sun and gone are the drops.
The error of man is that he cannot take things as simply as the dew-drops.As clouds in the sky come and go without affecting the sky, so the incidences in life come and go; but man identifies himself with them.Somewhere he feels that some moments should last forever and some should not occur at all.This life too, is just a song of dew- drops.Coming and then going…then again coming back .To accept them when they come and accept them when they go is in the true sense life….






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  1. akshay patil Avatar
    akshay patil


  2. kanchi Avatar

    kharach jamlay…..

  3. dipti Avatar

    true… if nthn bad happens….we wnt b able to identify good moments from bad ones….we wnt knw joy if we wnt knw sorrow, we wnt knw pleasure if we dnt knw wat pain is…
    every experience in life has an importance…n nthn is everlasting…
    accepting every day as it comes does make life easier…

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