Nature is the key to arts

A few days ago, I was invited in a conference which was organised to think upon today’s youth and how to reach to them through lecture series. In this conference, one session was devoted to tell whatever you feel in connection with today’s youth. Being one of the speakers, I chose a very interesting topic named why youth is not being attracted towards authentic things which dominantly include arts.

The main point of focus was, human mind always looks out for melody. It is melody that we are searching. Arts appeals us because it has melody. The more melodies an art is, more people appreciate it. Of course, my point ahead was why youth is not getting attracted to the arts.

The question only can be solved by the concept of melody. If a child is taught to observe melody from very childhood, he will search it in arts. He will be searching melody  in dance, music, poetry or paints. Now, the question which stands in front of all of us is how to introduce this melody and hence arts to the children. The obvious thing is, nature is home to all sorts of melodies. Melody can be very easily observed in nature in form of dancing trees, flowing rivers, singing birds and falling leaves. Children should be taught to observe this melody, to witness it from their very childhood. This melody creates infinite impacts on their hearts.

Then they will be always be searching melody. If they find it in any form of arts, for example in strokes of a painter, they will start feeling it and exploring it. My experience says, at one point you will try to create melody on your own. Then you will touch some form of arts on your own. Then you will take brush or flute in your hands and create art which is melodious.

Why today’s youth is going away from arts? The answer is, they were never close to nature. Nature is the key to arts.





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