Naxalism:Is there any solution?

Even today, the trains leaving from Howrah are prevented from running in nights considering the risk of railways being derailed by the Naxals.Even today, local residents though willing to, are not able to send their children to local schools, thanks to Naxalism.

The movement of Naxalism was first started in 1948 but was successfully repressed at that time in the Telangana region.Later now, the movement again got momentum in 1967 in Naxalbari valliage of west Bengal. At the initial stages, the form of the movement was reformation of the property;but soon after this, many more issues such as development of youth, uniformity in resource distribution ,spreading awareness were added to the mission.If we look at the movement right now, Anyone will doubt if it stands for these values.

Here I remember a very beautiful saying from an Indian Mystic poet, Kabira.

“The leaf falling from the tree

will not be  attached twice to the trunk

I do not know where it will fall

Now wind decides all….”

So has happened with this movement of Naxalism.It has been detached from the trunk of all its aims and now just as the leef flows with the wind, it is flowing according the desires of politicians,selfish Naxal leaders.Many incidences show that Naxal leaders have nothing to do with what agenda they had put forward.To highlight some facts,A youth Naxal in Mushro village committed suicide as his own wife was raped by the Naxal leader of the town.A truck containing thousands of kilos of explosives was tracked;it was being asked for by Naxal activists.Naxal movement claims that they want to spread literacy and awareness in village people;but the fact is that all the learned people are forced to leave Naxal areas,schools are being closed down by the Naxals.

Looking forward, there are many solutions proposed for the problem which can be summarized as-

1.Total authority should be handed over to Central Government so as to avoid the misuse and also the influence of local politicians who           are much in friendliness with Naxal leaders.

2.A way is also proposed that Military should be given the charge of the problem and problem should be solved by the method of tit for           tat.

3.One view also asks to give partial autonomy to Naxals and allow them to implement what ever good plans they want to.

The issue is that,people are really suffering;thats why the movement was started.There are many Naxal bodies which are really working hard to stop the problems.If the charge is handed over to the military,who is going to distinguish between these two categories?The third solution can work nicely if implemented properly.

But somewhere I always feel that humanity is changing the system for thousands of years.What I believe is that changing system changes problem.To solve the problems,we need to change the humans.All the systems have been failure.But the sad part is that we are really not courage enough to change ourselves. This game of changing systems is just a drama,an excuse for not changing ourselves.For thousands of year we have seen this fact.History also proves this.I think it is the time that we change ourselves rather than changing the system..

I will again end up, with the words of Kabir-

“The sky is darkening

From west,retuning are the clouds

Its raining mystically..

Wake up you aware one and work on the field

the water will flow away…”








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  1. pritish bhusari Avatar
    pritish bhusari

    Hi i am sorry but study is needed , NAXALISM IS not what it used to be is true but whole nation is with them if u know but u dont know because u live in city and whole talking india lives in the city small towns never speak but now the are very pressured .they are not allowed to talk. people having population 50 crore are not involved .what they want is their land which was theirs from thousands of years .india too fought for their land so they are and city cant win villages are india not city not delhi.

  2. suhaas m kulkarni Avatar
    suhaas m kulkarni

    Military solutions have never worked in long run. J & K is the live example.
    Participative development is the key. Naxalites are running the parallel govt in their area of operation. That happens only bcz of the local policy implementers are not so interested in doing their jobs ( for whatever reasons), exceptions like Mr Menon are there.
    Involve people in every issue – discussion to decision and implementation to execution..
    Its a long way

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