'No achievement' is the greatest achievement

Wings of Love, Joy, Peace and Hope for 2007

To be oneself is the greatest achievement that can ever a human being have.Somewhere there lies some basic mistake in our total approach towards life where achieving something is promoted as the goal of life.I wonder why there should be some achievement or some goal in our life?Cannot we remain happy as we are?

Trees are happy the way they are.I am not saying that we must stop our progress or leave everything and just seat.We also should try to do something….to raise our awareness.To be totally in tune with life is I think the greatest achievement.

Have we ever thought that in the process of running behind achievement or some goal we are losing the very totality of life?Is it right to run behind a future pleasure by making present a desert?For me, rather than running behind any future achievement,to be able to enjoy present without any worry is the real achievement.

The most strong obstacle in the way is mind.This mind can never allow us to sit silently.Mind remembers past,also it projects the future.To be beyond mind and hence to be beyond achievement is for me the greatest achievement…

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