It was a wonderful seed. The seed with infinite potential. Potential to blossom into a giant tree and then give birth to thousand more seeds.The tree was planted with almost all care. It was taken care of very well. All the prescribed care was taken and every instruction was followed. It was now expected that the seed must now blossom into a giant tree, give thousands of fruits and many more seeds.

Surprisingly, the tree could not blossom. It could not grow at all. All the efforts were in vain. Everyone concluded that the seed must be faulty. As every other care was taken, the blame goes to seed only.

The sad thing is, no one was ready to doubt the thousand years old rules and precautions that everyone followed while growing the tree. I wonder what conclusions we will get when we apply this story to humans. Each and every human being around is grown according to some tradition, some religion. And it can be seen that almost all human beings are failures. In thousands of years, if we go on counting the number of people who really understood what life is, what love is, we remain with a small number which can be counted on our hands. Every time, persons are blamed for this failures. Have we ever questioned the validity of our religions, traditions?

I think, this is the time where we should stop and see if all the religions, traditions are worth following or not!





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