Science against Spirituality

At first, science and spirituality both were understood as opponents of each other. Science was considered as something practical and spirituality as something hypothetical. As the time is passing now, more and more people are realizing how hypothetical science is and how practical spirituality is.

Now, a large group of people is being formed who think science and spirituality are nothing but the same. These people synthesize these two seemingly opposite approaches. Many people have wasted their lives in pointing out the similarities between scientific research and spiritual scriptures. And if we look at the situation today, science is also considered as a way to the divine.

Here, I have some corrections to be pointed out. I agree that both science and spirituality are dealing with the same truths, same laws, and same divinity. Both are focusing themselves on the same thing. But, there lies one very minute difference which distinguishes science from the spirituality. In general, all the saints, all the mystics and holy people had an approach of being dissolved in the truth. They never wanted to know. They never wanted it as nourishment for the brain. Those saints, who initially had this approach of knowing, it later dropped down.

It is said that enlightenment is like a salt doll going to survey the sea. When it enters, it dissolves. These mystics and saints were ready to dissolve, to become a part of the truth. They never tried to make truth a subject of their knowledge, i.e. subject of their mind and thought. Science is also exploring the same truths. But, science wants to know the things; not to get dissolved in them. Thought is fragmented, so is our mind. The question I want to put before all the scientific people is, “Can the whole be known with the help of tools which are fragmented in their very nature?”

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2 responses to “Science against Spirituality”

  1. Abhishek Hundekari Avatar
    Abhishek Hundekari

    I do second you on this article, Mandar. Obviously the above article holds true for many in fact most of the cases. But here,I’d like to mention that science is the by-product of some sort of spirituality. In ancient times,saint sitting in Ratnagiri used to interact with another present at Ayodhya without any means. No mobiles or telephones were invented then. This is nothing but telepathy where one needs to concentrate a lot to focus all his attention at a certain level. This is also a type of wireless communication. So what i want to put forth here is that science has been preached and utilized since ancient times and this has been possible because of spiritual behavior of the sages..

  2. Mandar Karanjkar Avatar

    @ Abhishek: There are many examples of scientific tools being used by mystics. The basic difference is science asks how and spirituality asks why…..

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