When there is no grass…

We have developed some very basic misconceptions or rather these misconceptions were formed by the routine behavior of humans. It is a well  said sentence that control your anger or any other desires when they rise or when they start rising there heads. Many a times persons who control their anger have been given a much more respect for having power to control the sins.

Remove the grass….

I am totally in oppose of this tendency. For me controlling is a very sub standard  solution.When there is a need of control, it simply means that the control is useless. Most of the times it has  been found that those people who are good controllers go totally mad when their subconscious mind dominates. It has been always proven that these sane people who always control are most dangerous; once they get triggered, they cannot be controlled.

It is very necessary to understand what these sins in reality are. Sins are nothing but our own energy. When we try to suppress them, it simply means that we are fighting with them. It is simply a war; between conscious and subconscious mind. Most of the times, this conscious mind dominates,  but if even for a moment this subconsciouses mind comes in power, it just shatters the pomp of morality in a single blow. A very famous saint has written that when there is no grass, even huge wildfires can burn nothing.Repressing means that you are cutting down the chances of wildfire. It does not take care of the grass. The grass, i.e. the repressed sins are being dumped inside us, unburnt. Then, if even by some mistake there is a fire, everything explodes and remains nothing. Instead of worrying about the fire, I think we should remove the grass.

But we are very protective. We deliberately avoid even to raise the issue of the grass. The only way to remove the grass is mediation; which we deliberately avoid. we love to visit temples, follow the traditions, sing the prayers just to avoid this change.We love to be with the grass and also, we cry and panic when it burns.To suppress fire is an lame excuse not to remove the grass.

So, pick the sickle of meditation and cut the grass…….



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