Are we really Spiritual?

First Incidence:-

Rohan: This god has set up his mind on testin me on tougher scales!!

Jay: What happened??

Rohan: Just lost my pocket in the cab

Jay: How? Where?

Rohan: I just forgot it on the dashboard while leaving the cab.

Second incidence:-

Mother: Did you pass in the examination?

Son: No mom.Lost by a single mark.

Mother:How cruel this god is going to  be??

What I wonder is that can a concept which even does not exist dominate us so much? I really wanted to study what image of god do we actually have in our minds. Do we look at him as a care taker, or as a secretary, or as a clerk in a government office keeping record of every one, or as a waiter in a hotel serving each and every table?

I have read and faithfully sung many prayers.Most of them say-“We are your sons oh God!please forgive all our mistakes.You have defeated Many Devils(eg. Mahishasur,Kolhasur,Shoombh and what not).Please keep us away from the poverty,diseases,droughts and all such calamities.”All this makes me to think that all our religious values are coming out of fear.In the old days, it was fear of diseases and droughts;now a days it is fear of uncertainty in any form.

It has been a general observation that those who have many uncertainties in life are more devoted to god.Depressed and frightened people pray more.This makes me to think that we really need to change this mindset.If there is any irreligious quality in this world, it is fear.I think the most tough challenge standing ahead in front of all religious organisations is separating out the spirituality from this fear,because nothing can blossom in fear.Fear makes people hypocrites.






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