Morality-is it spiritual?

Human nature shows a very interesting tendency of mixing up the things.This mixing up creates more troubles than any thing.Also, many a times, social thinkers and reformers implement some devices so that the social system works finely.One of the such devices is mixing up of the concept of morality and mysticism.No one will deny that the social system should run smoothly without causing any disturbance or interference to each others.A carrot is always needed to make the rabbit run.So, the morality was mixed up with the spirituality or mysticism and people were promised that they would get some religious benefits if they are moral.

Morality-Needed for social smoothness

I think, by using this structure or this strategy, we have harmed spiritual progress without attaining any advancement in social life.I totally agree that we should have a good social structure in which all the living beings will leave happily; but if this is done in a way affecting the spiritual progress,I am not at all for it.As an example, In India it is said that you should drive on left side.So, it is foolish to say that it is immoral to drive on right track.In those countries, who have left side driven vehicles, driving on left track is not desirable.I think, our morality is something like this.It is an adjustment or a pre-designed system to make sure that things run smoothly.

But we are committing a great blunder when we mix up these two things-morality and spirituality.A spiritual person may be behaving immorally for the society but it does not mean that he is committing something wrong.As a result of this single misconception, we can see that all religions are nothing but the books of Dos and Donts.Religion has become a system and what it misses is religiousness.

It was heard that a Zen master used to still cheap things-like a single shoe.Now this is totally useless.What one is going to do with a single shoe?He was always kept in jails.His disciples were constantly asked,”How can you worship such a master?“At last, the troubled disciples asked the master himself,”Why do you steal?”The master said, with tears in his eyes,”If I am there out, who will take my message to these people inside who really need it?”

So, the master was being immoral that no one can deny; but he is very religious;that also no one can deny.And it has been proven again and again that due to this mixing up, enlightened people have suffered the most.Morality should only look after the social frame work and should shut up when it comes to the inner growth of the humanity.





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