My mind, will you please get out??

Once upon a time during my lecture, on person was very much offended when I said that mind is an curse.Generally,your mind is considered as one of your biggest assets.All the development that a being does is associated with his mind.All the religions are talking about sharpening the mind.We generally hear a big deal of lectures about developing mind.

Making mind sharp means giving sip by sip Vodka to a monkey.At first it feels good.It seems that monkey is going to be more and more active,more and more intelligent.But soon,monkey shows the colors.Same is with the mind.At first ,the mind becomes sharper and sharper but in the reality, it takes us farther away from the reality.Mind is literally like a knife, which rather cuts the things in smaller parts rather than understanding the thing.Mind  never solves the question; it just changes the question to other more questions.

All the authentic religions focus on transcending the mind.Mind is not what we have learnt but it is like a tent which prevents us from preventing the universe.There used to live a poet in a hut with a small candle inside the hut.He was very  much in love with the beauty the candle-light had.One day all of a sudden, his hut was blown away with the wind;the candle-light was gone.That day for the first time he realized what real beauty means.The moon; the star; the eternal game.He thanked god that his hut was blown away;otherwise he could have never felt the wonders of the stars.

Same is the case with this poor mind.It is just a small candle; and those who are in love with candle will never feel the divine beauty of the moon. So whenever I encounter my mind,I just ask,”My mind,will you please get out??”






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