Nothing can resurrect you, my mind…..

Visual Psychology

most of the time the humans say that things are the way they are and they could have been different if they would have behaved differently in the past and thats why many a times,people rather say that if I were allowed to go back in the time and settle the matters, things would have been different.

I reject this idea.There lived a very generous king ruling over his huge empire.The king was very soft hearted and kind.On a noon,he saw a poor man going on feet in very hot summer.The king sent his servants and asked them to bring that man to him.King asked the poor man,”Where are you going in such a hot summer?”The man replied,”I had burried a pot containing 100 copper coins under a tree in the empire and I need money badly”The melted down.He asked that man,”I give you 100 silver coins.Forget about those poor copper coins.”The man happpily took the coins thanked the king and left the palace.To the surprise of king, he again after an hour spotted the same man again going on the feet.
The king asked his servants to bring him back to the palace.King said,”Why are you so much attacched to those poor copper coins?Come here, I give you a hundred gold coins”The man very happily took those coins, thanked king and promised him that he will not go again to get those copper coins.But again after an hour, the king found the same man,going towards the tree trying hard so that he is not seen by the king.Now the king roars.”I will give you half of my empire.Would you please forget those coins?”The man very humbly says,”Sure your highness,but please take care that the tree falls in my kingdom.”
So, this is how the human psychology functions.Even if we are given chance to behave a hundred times,we are going to do the same thing.So, the repentance of humans’if I were allowed just once to go back in the time,the situation would have been different’ is a lie.

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  1. dipti Avatar

    hmm…it is said evn death cannot change a person…

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