Sorting Out the Tangled Life

“In order to end an issue, you do not need to fight. You just have to put some light of awareness on the issue.” I often remember these wonderful words of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, one of the most revolutionary spiritual masters we ever had on this earth.
I often go through instances which prove how valid Gurdjieff’s words and his insight are. One of such instances took place a couple of days ago.

My day was over and I was retiring into my bed, to sleep. I don’t like to embrace the sleep becoming unaware, losing my awareness step by step. So, I make it a point to listen to Osho’s words before I sleep. Ultimately I enter the unfathomable depth of unawareness but still, Osho’s words make a good companion when you are unaware.
I was already late and my wife was already in her sleep. The lights were off and the room dark. Thanks to my everyday habit, I could catch hold of my headphones lying in my bed without putting on lights.
But, the headphones were all tangled. As my wife was sound asleep, I avoided putting on the lamps and thought of sorting them out in the dark. I tried for around fifteen minutes but was unable to sort out the tangled headphones. Finally, I put on the lights. I realized that I had made the situation even worst. With the lights turned on, I could sort the headphones within a minute.
This incidence reminded me of Gurdjieff and the light of awareness about which he talked. Our life is tangled and when unaware, we make the situation even worse. What we need is light- a bit of our own awareness and life is sorted.


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