True Path

The main focus of all the philosophies or religions is to reach the ultimate, to reach the the reality, to reach the source.God is not having any concrete definition.God is not any scientific term or something which can be found by solving any certain equation.The main principle behind any religion is to make you an acceptor.Richard Feynman has very nicely said,
“Paradox is difference between how things are and how you want them to be.”
The very basic foundation or the driving force behind any religious progress is to break down thisconditioning of mind,and to kill the difference between the divine wish and a person’s wish.This can be done through a number of ways.These ways are the path.Many a times, a walker is really confusedand then qyestion arises-“Which is the path.”Very first thing is that,at first , the person follows any one path,whichsuits best to his thinking.As the person goes on walking,then the mind creates question, is this the path?Many a times, other path appeals more and many cases can be shown that where people follow a particular path and then leave it due to this strategy of mind.Any spiritual progress is against the mind.So the mind andpsychology tries hard when it is on the point where it can be destroyed.                       So this question,”Which is the path is the greatest obstruction in the path.”It is very difficult to tell which is the real part to the self or to the reality,but some hints can be given to just check if the path is right or wrong.

1.The path which is easy is not the path.

Many a times,spiritual teachers claim that their path is the easiest one or leads to what we call’Quick Enlightenment.’Beware!! Easy path is a contradiction.

2.The path which you like is not the path.

The very purpose of spiritual journey is to vanish the mind.So it is without any question to be assumed thatyour mind is not going to like the path.It will create thousand and one reasons to make you quit.If you getsuch response from your mind,you are sailing in the right direction.

3.If people appreciate you, change the path.

This society can never tolearate the true spiritual progress of any person.Rather, it is based on the ignorance ofthe people.So if people are aware,the whole religious system will collapse down.Take it for granted that you mustbe condemned by society.






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    pritish bhusari

    Philosophy and spirituality is one and the same thing for seeker and path and destination is same for enlightened

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