Divine Strings……

In india one can find thousands of stringed instruments.All these instruments were collectively called as Veena.One of the very famous stringed instruments of all these Veenas is Sarod.In India Sarod has been played by many famous players which were praised internationally.

The most famous and most profound Sarod player from India was Ustad Allauddin Khan.Allauddin Khan created a very huge generation of various world famous musicians which include famous Sitar player Pt.Ravi Shankar, famous Sarod player Ali Akbar Khan who is Guru of Musician Jay Uttal and many more artists.

This article is specially devoted for Amjad Ali Khan, one of the most talented musician India has produced.Amjad Ali Khan who has been nominated for Grammy has explored music to its deepest roots.Many people may find it controversial praising Amjad Ali Khan so much.Many critics even dare to  call him a second rate artist.Here I dare to say that India has produced a limited number of first rate artists and Amjad Ali Khan is one of them.

One of the subtle part of music is silence which can be generated in between the music.Very few artists have known this beauty of silence.It is really a sheer joy listening Amjad Ali Khan along with this silence pouring out in his music.This breath stopping beauty of silence can be found only in the music of Amjad Ali Khan.We are fortunate to have such a talented performer in our age….







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