Do not loose your Strong Fort

There was a Mystic who always used to sit under a tree and solved the various questions put forward by the people.People from different region and parts of the country used to come at his place and would question him.One day, a very mighty robber came;just to check what sort of man this was.Without letting know the mystic the truth, he asked him a question,”What will you do if a robber catches the hold of you while you are alone?”The mystic said,”I have a very strong fort with me.I will use it.”The robber was wondering what this strong fort could be.At night when the Sadhu was alone sitting under the tree,the robber came with deadly weapons in his hand.He asked that mystic,”Now tell me,how your fort is going to save you?where it is?”The Sadhu, laughingly said,”My fort is inside me you fool, you do whatever you cannot destroy it”

This internal strength,this internal calmness is in the true sense our strong fort.The forts made up of stones can be destroyed easily.In one or more blows, they can be destroyed.This fort of internal piece can hardly be even touched by such affairs.It is a fact that most of the crimes are committed out of insecurity and fear.Insecure people are more prone to be violent.A peaceful  person will never be violent, will never be a criminal.It has been surveyed that all the prisoners cry most easily, that they are the most sensitive and most insecure person.

When man is at peace,he is satisfied, he needs nothing badly.And only such a man who is fearless lives without frightening the other people.So, it should always be the focus of all the religions and institutions to make people fear less.Fears of life can never be controlled, they are in the hands of divine.So , it is needed that every human being must have this strong fort within him, because the fun of life lies in its insecurity.Unless and until man is able to enjoy this insecurity,he cannot be fearless.



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