Remove the lag…..

This humanity has committed most of the crimes because it failed to run with the time;rather because it was so much burdened by the social parameters at that time that most of the times, visionaries were tortured.Most of the scientists,revolutionary thinkers,authentic spiritual leaders were harassed by the dominant religious pygmies. 

Mansoor Al Hillaj was killed on the steps of Jama Masjid.HIs head was blown off.Later, he was declared as a saint.Same happened with John of Ark.Almost all of the scientists were victims,most of the artists were victims of these foolish people who were blind and also selfish enough to deliberately keep their eyes closed.Here is an article from TOI which I would like to share-


It consists of views of various thinkers,authors about spiritual teachers should be allowed to have sex or not.It can bee seen that all them say that if a spiritual leader is beyond any attachment, he must be able to enjoy it also.In fact, it is a truth.If I am beyond anger,it means that I  must also have ability to be angry whenever I want to be. Here I remember Osho.Who was troubled by the eminent thinkers, authors of his time.Osho was condemned for saying the same thing which these people are saying.Even Socrates was poisoned putting the charges like ‘corrupting the moral of youth’.Today hardly any one even dares to oppose Socrates.

It is a good thing that the society goes on changing, but it is very sad thing that when such personalities are there, we miss them due to this very lag.This lag has been slowing down us for a long.What needed is removing this lag.



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