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Discussion on ‘Osho is fraud or not’ with Mr. Yashwant Kulkarni

Mr. Yashwant Kulkarni had written some post saying Osho is a fraud. Here is a discussion which we had later on….
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – @ Nikhil….>>>>I am in no way as knowledgeable regarding osho as the author of post or you. If you think the author is wrong/one-sided, say so to him- I would learn many things from such a correspondence<<<<<

Well I am here and read all opinions cited by Mandar… I humbly wish to say that I am not in mood to held a debate on this issue with anybody coz I have satisfied myself that this old chap Osho was a Biggest Fraud ever walked under the name of a seer beyond the time. So no surprise Mandar cites so many positive opinions about Osho.

Osho was materialistic as well as psychological conman. And this comes from my own experience.

If anybody is really interested what he committed I have already given a link to coverage carried by Oregonian Newspaper of those days. Pl. See those 20 articles.6:39 pm

mandar karanjkar – All the claims made by oregonian news papers and cheap sites can be demolished by a single book named 12 days that shook the world….. @ Yashwant: i am not also in mood to debate….its useless…its matter of personal psyche, trust and understanding…..i respect your views, decision but all this makes my trust even deeper…Edit7:12 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – Thanks for saying that Mandar.

>>>this makes my trust even deeper..
Isn’t this funny…? Trust in whom and for what? He all the way through demolished all kinds of trusts and beliefs..
Let it be.. this is endless riddle.7:20 pm

mandar karanjkar – @ Yashwant: Yes, it may sound funny to you… 🙂 A meera dancing with Iktara, A Ramana Maharshi reading comics, A Majnu, A Van gogh….you may find these all funny…….
You should read a lot….you ask trust in whom… does not require a object….it does not require a reason. So, the question for what is also rubbish….If you find the reason and then trust, does your trust has any value?Edit7:44 pm
mandar karanjkar – ANd I will also like to tell….spirituality is not a business of Baniya people….by bania i mean, people who are interested in calculation, who need reason to keep trust. This is business of mad people. If you can see, all the enlightened people had a madness in their blood. Buddha Followed different masters for many years leaving his wealth. I would like to ask, had he any reason to trust that there is something called Nirwana? This was his madness….in other words, his sanity…So, my humble request is, those who think spirituality is also like business and deal, where you see, verify and then sign the deal, please think again.Edit7:52 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – This is all romantic stuff.. Meera dancing with Iktara.. A Ramana Maharashi reading comics… what does it make sense whatever they may do..? He had in habit of exploiting everybody’s psyche using his articulated skills of hypnotism…. That supplied him everything for his life.. every luxury.. But you have provided by him a very sweet and idealistic excuse that he was living in luxury coz he wanted to unite spirituality and wealth.. That old chap feeding his greeds..7:52 pm
mandar karanjkar – I would like to ask you one question…what is your interest? self transformation or putting someone down?Edit7:53 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – Those questions carry no sense.. the journey I caused by him such a trivial that anything I would say will carry no sense… But in a world where we live.. such peoples are called Fraud.. and no excuses should be made.. I want only that.7:56 pm
mandar karanjkar – No…it is the only sensible question in the world…..Please answer….what is your interest?Edit7:57 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – I wanted to know if really is there any such world he wasted his life describing with those shining words… I was curious.. damn curious … I wasn’t interested in achieving it.. But I am now at such a point that I cannot set any aim to be achieved..because I don’t know anything about it.. and nobody does… only somebody pretended to be known it.. that was Osho who turned to be Fraud..8:01 pm
mandar karanjkar – I am waiting for your answer :DEdit8:02 pm
mandar karanjkar – One minute Gentleman…….Tell me, how many books of Osho you have read? How many Audio/Video you have studied? I want to ask, how much have you known the person directly, without any medium in between?Edit8:04 pm
mandar karanjkar – and please answer the question only….answer just the number and names of books……Edit8:05 pm
mandar karanjkar – this is getting interesting…i am informing you that this whole dialogue will be posted on my personal website for thousands of my readers :)Edit8:06 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – I have listened and watached and read every book, tape and cassette that is there in the market.. I was just 5 year old when he died.. so never seen him face to face.. only through these means.. How can I give names and number of books? Piles of books..8:06 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – >>>>this whole dialogue will be posted on my personal website for thousands of my readers 🙂
ok.. doesn’t matter.8:07 pm
mandar karanjkar – The whole point of Osho books is killing reasoning,which is outcome of ego. The purpose reading Osho is becoming simple…what i find is, people get furious by reading them. It means, anger still remains inside…Edit8:08 pm
mandar karanjkar – All the blames of Calder can be nullified by the book 12 Days That shook the world….have you read it???????Edit8:10 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – Oh man! Just think you have no ego.. U will turn into a stone..! each and every human action is outcome of human ego or in more simplified word his living instinct…
It doesn’t matter unless you focus on EGO… killing EGO was a very attractive reason to exploit those maddies.. Killing ego and what you will do by killing Ego?
You answer this..8:12 pm
mandar karanjkar – you say”Oh man! Just think you have no ego.. U will turn into a stone..!” would you say that Kabira was a stone? I think he was the most lively person on the earth……and asking again…have you read the book?Edit8:14 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – Don’t speak in past tense… speak of me and you.. I don’t know any Kabira… how does it influence my life if anybody lived without any ego?8:15 pm
mandar karanjkar – Okay…have you read the book 12 days that shook the world??Edit8:16 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – no..I missed it.. it was not available and I am not at all interested reading it now.. because I have my experience which came from within… So no books needed for whitewash8:21 pm
mandar karanjkar – No, you are denying facts…..please read the book and then i will consider you eligible worth discussing.Edit8:23 pm
mandar karanjkar – you are talking of experience coming from within…..i will ask how many hours you meditate………Edit8:24 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – What makes you believe that book carries truth?
I am damn sure it would have been given all lamb excuses covered in more interesting things which have no interest and effect to nobody…

Of the meditation.. that I would not like to share here.. I did and I had all those experiences of Kundalini Jagran and Tritiy Netra and all that stuff which is useless.. completely a burden caused by meditation…8:27 pm

mandar karanjkar – My experiences differ…..i meditate and it has made my life bliss……i do not know anything about third eye and kundlini…its bogus… have percepted your own imaginations as kundlini……real meditation makes life bliss….i am proof. you got burdens out of meditation…i got bliss…thats is what we both were looking for :)Edit8:31 pm
mandar karanjkar – thats why ii asked…what is your interest…transformation or burdenEdit8:31 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – may be you havn’t got it enough.. this is just a starting.. I too felt Bliss and all those useless things except you .. those have no bearing on the world around us..

You just remember what I am saying when your head gets pressurized and you get blocked out.. and sudden bouts of energy explosion 24×7…
Do you feel this can be imagined all the time..? do you feel body also imagining ? all those symptoms of straight eyebrows and bubble on frontal lobe and continuous flow up to head can be imagined…
Do it right boy.. We will discuss it anytime.8:38 pm

mandar karanjkar – Yes…i am doing it right Mister….and for long time……you know, Buddha has said, you get what you search for………you were in very start looking for energy explosions and third eye,,…you got them….i am not looking for them…or for anything…i am just looking…without any projection….and what is coming, is bliss….Edit8:41 pm
mandar karanjkar – I guess, you ran away midway…afraid of burdens….Edit8:42 pm
Yashwant Kulkarni, Marathi, Hindi, English Translator – Ha..ha..ha.. run away midway? Where to run away.. from my body?
It gets sowed inside body when u meditate..
Meditation has certain impact on the body.. let alone your mentality…
Mentality is hammered in the beginning.. and then body..
At the last there is nothing at all.. just a body and consciousness at the last..

This is turning just a play of words… I will not be available here for next 1.5 hour..8:46 pm

mandar karanjkar – If there is just consciousness, from where comes the urge to prove someone fraud? I do not think consciousness has any such qualities inbuilt in it….it is pure…i will be also going for my dinner out…..posting this much conversation on my site….will have a further talk soon!Edit8:48 pm
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Dohe of Kabir #3

तिनका कबहू न निन्दिये, जो पाव तले होय

कबहू उद् आंखो पडे, पीर घानेरी होय…

Kabir is very special. Kabir is unique. Dohe of Kabir are are even more special. It is ocean of wisdom condensed in two lines. Kabir has his unique way of telling us the things.

In these two lines, Kabir tells, do not neglect anyone. Here, Kabir says that a small particle of dust lying at your feet should never be considered as substandard. In moments it can come up with the wind and can trouble you by entering your eyes. Though the meaning is very clear, one point to be understood is, Kabir is not asking you to respect your juniors because they can trouble you in future. The point is, all these things of superiority and inferiority are just momentous. There is noting to boast about it, at the same time, there is nothing which is inferior to you.

Many a times, we find people giving much respect to people junior to them. Most of the times, fear arises that this person if by any chance is needed by me in future, I must keep good business with  him. The respect is of no value if it comes out of such subtle fear. When all the walls of greatness and smallness fall down, when no distinction remains, a deep gratitude arises for everything in the existence. When Kabir says do not neglect a dust particle, it does not mean respect it out of fear. Kabir simply wants to say be grateful towards even smallest elements of existence.

See the Complete Collection of Kabir ke Dohe

Dohe of Kabir 1

Dohe of Kabir #2

पाँच पहर धन्धे गया, तीन पहर गया सोय ।
एक पहर हरि नाम बिन,मुक्ती कैसे होय ॥

A common question, always asked by intellectuals is, if there is god, then why we cannot see him. I think, answer to all these intellectuals lies in these two lines of Kabir. How genuinely you search? How authentic is your thirst? These two lines, of Kabir, removes from us the very claim of liberation.

If I stay here in India and say that America does not exist because I cannot see it from here, would it make any sense? I will have to first search America. If after searching everywhere, I do not find anything, then I have some right to say that America does not exist. Sitting on my chair, I cannot conclude that America does not exist.

So, ask genuinely yourself. Do you give at least one single hour each day for the search? Do you sit silently and peep inside yourself? Do you ever dance with ecstasy? Have you ever tried to be silent, empty for some time?

If No, you have no right to comment on the question. Kabir says, you do not have even one Prahar(means three hours) to spare for the god, how can you claim liberation? You have plenty of time for your works, you daily chores, your sleep, you business. God stands at the last of the queue. Do you even have right to claim liberation?

See the Complete Collection of Kabir ke Dohe



It was a wonderful seed. The seed with infinite potential. Potential to blossom into a giant tree and then give birth to thousand more seeds.The tree was planted with almost all care. It was taken care of very well. All the prescribed care was taken and every instruction was followed. It was now expected that the seed must now blossom into a giant tree, give thousands of fruits and many more seeds.

Surprisingly, the tree could not blossom. It could not grow at all. All the efforts were in vain. Everyone concluded that the seed must be faulty. As every other care was taken, the blame goes to seed only.

The sad thing is, no one was ready to doubt the thousand years old rules and precautions that everyone followed while growing the tree. I wonder what conclusions we will get when we apply this story to humans. Each and every human being around is grown according to some tradition, some religion. And it can be seen that almost all human beings are failures. In thousands of years, if we go on counting the number of people who really understood what life is, what love is, we remain with a small number which can be counted on our hands. Every time, persons are blamed for this failures. Have we ever questioned the validity of our religions, traditions?

I think, this is the time where we should stop and see if all the religions, traditions are worth following or not!


Doubt kills everybody..

I remember a beautiful shloka from some ancient Sanskrit text today. Sanskrit language is probably one of the richest languages in the world. It has thousands of beautiful Shlokas which have enormous meaning hidden in them. The Shloka which I remember today also has a beautiful meaning and tells a universal eternal truth.

A fool, the one not having faith and one who doubts forever,

All these three will soon reach their end for sure!

Today, the word which catches my focus is doubt. Doubt is the most easily found of all these three. A person who has doubt in his mind is always burning. The doubt keeps him on fire. It does not allows the person to sit silently and rest. The person can never be at rest, can never be at peace.

A mind full of doubt is by all means engaged in verification. If verification is not done, it creates suspicion. It can be seen that many relationships were spoiled due to this doubt. It is one eternal truth about humans- Humans can blossom in the environment of absolute trust. Doubt takes away this environment.


Do we solve the questions?

I remember one beautiful statement from Osho. Osho says, the question which can be answered is not the real the real question. A true question can never be answered. If we get answer for a question, the only conclusion is that the question was bogus. It was either a superficial question or a superficial answer was given.

In a permit room, a man used to come daily. He used to drink for hours. The one specialty if this man was, he used to put two french fries in his two noses while drinking. The waiter always wondered why the hell this strange man used to so daily. One day, the man again sat to drank and asked the waiter to bring french fries. Waiter said that fries are not available.

The man asked for two ladyfingers. Waiter brought them. Man put those two ladyfingers in his nose. The waiter could not resist his curiosity. He asked the gentleman.

“Why these two ladyfingers in your nose, sir?”

Waiter thought he would get some concrete answer. Instead, the gentleman answered,

“Because you do not have fries.”

All the answers that we give are as bogus as the above given answer.

A true answer never exists.True questions can never be answered. True questions can only be dropped.


Keep on Moving…..

I remember a very beautiful couplet from an Indian mystics, Kabira which says,

“One who falls down while walking is not the person to be blamed. He who just sits, is worthy of the blames.”

I totally agree with Kabira when he says that you cannot be blamed if you fall down while walking. But, the sad thing today is, people are finding excuses to just sit. People are not ready to walk. I am talking all this  in spiritual context. Society today is stagnant as far as spiritual progress is concerned.

May be, too much of knowledge is preventing man from going in any direction. Man now can find mistakes in almost all religions. He can find out inconsistencies in the teachings of all masters. Intellectuals are just trying to find out reasons for not to be religious. The trust is disappeared.

When I say this, I am not promoting any kind of superstitions, nor I am condemning rationality. I on the other hand request people to be rational. But, while being rational, One point should always be noted that some matters cannot be digested by us. In some certain cases, things are beyond our level of understanding. We need trust, these times. Our rationality will just confuse us and it would make us stagnant.

In the old days, even intellectuals used to have a master. They many a times used to think that the master is talking inconsistent. But, these intellectuals knew that  the inconsistency is caused by the mind. They trusted the master and went along with him.

It is trust which keeps us moving and mind which makes us stagnant. Just keep on moving……..


Isha Upnishad and the concept of Avidya

Upnishads can be considered as one of the greatest source of wisdom. Upnishads are very analytical in nature. They are very much condensed in the form. One of the most loved Upnishads of all the times is, Isha Upnishad.

The beauty of Isha Upnishad is, it accepts the contradictions. Isha Upnishad accepts unity of the whole cosmos and at the same time uniqueness of each one. Isha Upnishad gives us the insight which tells us how harmonious the contradictions are. The ultimate being is one. But, we never experience being one while living our life. Rather, while living life, we live it with such a competitiveness as if we are opponents of each other.

Isha Upnishad accepts the unity of all the beings and also speaks of the difference in their becoming.  The very first Sutra of Isha Upnishad is-

All this is for the habitation by the Lord, whatsoever is individual universe of movement in the universal motion.

Isha Upnishad says that this whole world is there for just habitation of the consciousness. Each and every movement is just for the purpose of the habitation. In short, it means that each and everything is nothing but the same consciousness. Each and every human being is nothing but the same consciousness. Just as waves if the sea are nothing but the sea itself, all the creatures are nothing but the same divine consciousness.

Now, then why we are fighting with each other? Why we become possessive? If we are the divine ourselves, then why this competition? Isha Upnishad says that the reason is Ignorance, that is, Avidya. Avidya is nothing but the ignorance that we are different. Avidya is the basic reason which makes us forget our original nature.

Removing this ignorance and coming back to or rather just remembering our true nature is Vidya, that is, Wisdom……


The Humble Questions in Upnishad

To question the things is one of the basic right of human beings. Human beings are differentiated from other animals because they have the ability to question. The can question the things. The questions are considered to be the first step towards the process learning. You have questions is enough to prove that you are human.

For what purpose we question? Do we really want an answer for our questions? Do we really strive for knowledge? We ask many questions. What is actual purpose behind them? Most of the times, we put questions to test the person in front. Many a times, we put questions to show that we have knowledge. While, for the remaining time, we question because we want an answer.

Here, I remember Sarvasar Upnishad. This Upnishad at first, prays god that we are on a journey towards wisdom. Please bless us. Then, the Upnishad has questions. What is the purpose of this prayer in the very starting of the Upnishad? Questions can simply be asked without any prayer. But, the prayer in the starting of Upnishad or almost all the Hindu Scriptures show the purpose behind the questions. These are not the ordinary questions. These questions are not asked to know the answer and improve knowledge. The one who wants to know the answer is not ready for the transformation.  In Upnishad, at the very starting, the seer declares, that he wants to transform himself and this transformation is what he is seeking.

This is the right way of questioning. No answer is being sought. You pray that you should be transformed…..

mysticism osho

Osho in a nude bar!

Yesterday, while reading a book by Osho himself, I came to know a very wonderful incidence in his life. Osho, when he was in Mumbai was travelling with his friend in a car. As they were going, the friend of Osho, just in fun stopped the car in front of a nude bar and asked if they can visit it.He thought as traditional saints used to, Osho will be angry and will immediately discard the idea. But Osho said that it was fine with him to visit a bistro. The friend was out of his senses after hearing this reply and started the car. Osho immediately got out of the car and asked his friend to follow him.


Osho was very famous at that times and all people there recognized him. The naked girl stopped her dance and touched the feet of Osho. Osho asked her to not to stop the dance. Manager came with a special seat with him and asked Osho what he could do for him. Osho said, “Why make so much fuss about it? I am just an ordinary Buddha. Just bring ice cream.” Osho says his friend was perspiring in air conditioned Hotel.

This was the beauty of the person. His holiness was not against anything. He accepted everything that was happening. He had no hatred towards the people dancing in the bistro. They were not sinister. Just as other human beings, they were also human beings. Other saints might have avoided to go to such a place. Osho’s Buddhahood remained intact in a nude bar also!